f.i.r.e pledge

F=friendly I=inclusive R=respectful E=empathetic

“I am a Firefly, I am bright and I shine;  throughout my years in school, many friends I will find.

Everyone is special and different in their own way; That’s why I want to make a pledge on this very day.

Today I want to share what I know to be true; That each and every child has intelligence and value.

Every day is different, some feel great and some feel bad; This is real, it is normal, and I will not make anyone feel sad.

If I ever do bring sadness with my actions or my voice; Please forgive me, and I will try my best next time to make a better choice.

Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re not and that is perfectly okay; Now that I’m aware, I will try to brighten someone’s day.”


why choose us

As a Firefly, your child will learn and grow both academically and emotionally through a variety of avenues. We are dedicated to providing a scholastic education while learning life skills, discovering nature, exploring the seasons, 'traveling' around the world, engaging our imaginations and learning about different careers.


  Our days will be filled with art, science, music and play, all while developing essential skills and components of learning. At our school, learning is fun. We teach through whole group instruction, small group activities and through self-paced individualized instruction. Our teachers foster an environment in which students engage in independent and self-directed learning activities.


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