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F.I.R.E. Pledge


F=friendly I=inclusive R=respectful E=empathetic


“I am a Firefly, I am bright and I shine;  throughout my years in school, many friends I will find.

Everyone is special and different in their own way; That’s why I want to make a pledge on this very day.

Today I want to share what I know to be true; That each and every child has intelligence and value.

Every day is different, some feel great and some feel bad; This is real, it is normal, and I will not make anyone feel sad.

If I ever do bring sadness with my actions or my voice; Please forgive me, and I will try my best next time to make a better choice.

Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re not and that is perfectly okay; Now that I’m aware, I will try to brighten someone’s day.”