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Healthy Eating

Nutrition plays a huge role in setting up children for success in their academics. We provide clean snacks that do not contain chemicals, preservatives, and dyes. We buy organic when at all possible and try to use our fresh fruits and vegetables from our very own school garden. 

What They Learn

Getting our students involved in snack preparation teaches them responsibility, life skills and exposes them to basic math concepts and language skills. It opens up the dialog to why eating healthy is important in keeping us happy, healthy and strong. 

Our Food Sources

Because we believe in clean eating, we provide healthy and nutritious snacks. We avoid refined sugar. We serve water often and skip the sugary juices. As much as possible we purchase organic fruits and vegetables when we are not able to grow them ourselves in our school garden. 

Outside Time

Being outside is important to our health. We make it a point to go outside in all what North Idaho has to offer. We always have the kids dress for the weather; whether it be rain boots on a wet day, snow gear to build snow men, or swim suits for water play in the summer. 

If your child has specific dietary needs, please let us know. We work closely with our parents to ensure all children’s needs are met. 
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