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Courtney Parker, RN, EMT-P

The Fireflies Story

   Hello! I'm Courtney Parker, a mom of two spirited young girls and a mom who (along with co-founder Kristina Lyman) decided to take the leap from talking about what was missing in early childhood education and started my own school to fill the gaps.

   Our story mirrors that of many parents in that it begins with a strong desire to provide the very best education for our young children. For us, that means a well-rounded educational experience in a healthy, nurturing and respectful environment. I wanted to expose my children to math and science, art and music, language and culture. I wanted my children to learn about teamwork and problem solving in a playful, supportive environment. And I wanted a school that emphasized healthy habits, including nutrition, exercise and wellness. 

   But we didn't just want it for our own children. We wanted it for other parents and for our whole community.    

   I started my career as a paramedic in Los Angeles, where I received my education at UCLA. After several years practice in Las Vegas, I bridged I education to registered nurse. After starting a family and wanting to be home with my children, I worked part time as a nurse at Valley Hospital in Spokane. As my girls grew, so did my desire to create a safe positive space for them to grow and learn.  

   Knowing how important quality education is, I went to work to assemble a board of educators who could take their vision and develop a strong curriculum. Our consulting team consists of experienced educators from Idaho, New York and California. Our team has deep experience working with preschool, elementary and middle school students.

   Because the state of Idaho has no education standards for preschoolers, the Fireflies team uses Common Core learning outcomes for graduating kindergartens as a foundation and built upon that to create an engaging, focused and comprehensive curriculum.

   I am proud of our school and the academic and life experience we bring to the children in our community. Our first year was wonderful and we cannot wait to grow Fireflies, a name we chose because it symbolizes our mission. These magical little bugs ignite themselves from within. It is our goal to provide the fuel for our students to do the same.


Welcome to Fireflies Day School