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Becki Quinonez
Fireflies Owner
& Kindergarten Teacher

Becki loves reading, writing, spending time outside with her family or riding her horse. Already a mother to two fantastic boys Thatcher and Indiana, she is kind, patient and funny with a second sense for conneting with kids on a personal level. She thrives on being able to get the best from each student and loves being able to help them figure out any and all problems whether that be a challenging project or simply learning to tie their shoelaces. Leading from a place of compassion mixed with a sincere love and passion for learning, her students thrive with her in the classroom. You will always find her with a cute story about her students and ensuring that everyone feels heard and that they are a part of the family here at Fireflies. She believes the most important aspects for students each day are play, kindness and fostering a love of learning that will serve them well into the future. 

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Lexie Anderson
Pre-K Teacher

Lexie has many years of experience in early childhood education and development. She has always had a way with the kids that has been described as magic by parents. She has a nonpareil ability to comfort a student during a tough drop off, turn a rough moment into an opportunity to bond while working through the all the emotions and to crack a joke when a child needs it most. She values learning through sensory play, art, and science. She has two amazing boys, Roman and Knox, who are seen helping the younger kids learn to be friendly and empathetic on the playground as well as helping the teachers clean paintbrushes and set up chairs in the classroom. Miss Lexie is loved immensely at the school. Her students are lucky to experience her creative teaching, caring heart and her humor every single day.

Jennys photo.jpg
Jenny Smith
Preschool Teacher

Miss Jenny has been in high praise since the day she started at Fireflies. She instantly fell into her role as a loving preschool teacher and vital Fireflies family member. She brings a passion for creativity to her classroom year after year that is apparent also in her own children that also attend Fireflies. Jenny is devoted to the emotional and educational growth of her students. This is seen on a daily basis with her inviting play centers and her individualized attention to each child in her class. With her balance of creativity, an eye for detail and her passion for her students, any child would be lucky to call her their teacher. When she is not at school, she is with her husband and three kiddos, Ryder, Wren and baby Brooks. She enjoys competing in volleyball, doing handstands and somersaults in the lake, and her new found love of Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

grece photo 2.jpg
Grace Inglett
Preschool Prep Teacher

Miss Grace has quickly become one of the most beloved teachers here at Fireflies. She has a kindness and warmth that is felt all around her. She is attentive to each child's individual needs and provides a nurturing environment. She is quite adept at challenging the children to grow and practice problem solving skills. She has such a caring, natural empathy that easily diffuses playground conflict and fosters all the emotions that come along with being a growing child, bringing a sense of harmony to our school. She has six funny, spunky children and uses her knowledge and loving motherly qualities with her students, providing them with a home away from home. Miss Grace has a true passion for developing young minds. Her focus on creating space for her students to learn, succeed and go home with a sense of accomplishment will be her legacy at our school.

justice 2.jpg
Justice Reed
Preschool Prep Teacher

Miss Justice is a sweet, gentle teacher with the preschool prep class. She is always so caring and soft spoken with the children. She creates a safe space for children to have their big emotions and she helps them navigate ways to handle whatever they are feeling. The kids know they can go to her when they just need a hug. She has what seems like a never ending supply of patience as she helps the kiddos with crafts, sensory play, games and learning to be independent. She is a loving mother to Lylli and step-mom to Ayla and Jaxson. She is a wonderful teacher and is adored by all the students at Fireflies.

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