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Pre-K and Kindergarten Class

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten students are guided to learn all the skills necessary for them to feel ready to head on to first grade. Because the class is combined, it allows us to group children strategically based on where they are at on a certain skill. For example, we can work on sight words with those who are ready, while focusing more on letter recognition and sounds for those who need that, regardless of age. We can also pair children up with differing abilities to allow them to learn from each other. We work on everything from identifying and writing their own names, adding objects and other math skills, sight words, and the beginning stages of reading. We keep our daily class routine consistent from day to day, allowing the children to be the guides on what topics pique their interest most. We love learning through group circle times, sensory play, pretend play, art, and building. Most excitedly, our small class sizes allow for a more individualized approach to teaching. We are able to observe how each individual student enjoys learning and cater to those needs which we believe is the key to getting kids excited about learning.

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