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Why Fireflies

what makes us different?

We pride ourselves in learning emotionally just as much academically. During class time, our children are constantly being exposed to academics in the avenue of play, art, song, dance, science, sensory and fun.  We are able to cater to individual strengths and struggles to reach goals inside of the classroom. Kids will not come to Fireflies to sit, complete worksheets and memorize to regurgitate information.  We are dedicated to providing a scholastic education while having fun, creating friendships, learning life skills, discovering nature, exploring the seasons, engaging our imaginations and learning about the importance of friendship and being inclusive, respectful and empathetic. 

At Fireflies, learning is fun. We teach through whole group instruction, small group activities, one on one learning and through self-paced individualized instruction. Our teachers foster an environment in which students engage in independent and self-directed learning activities. We understand the impact of art, sensory, science, music and play on development; these are the things that drive our inspiration when planning our days. We take joy in making school fun for all. 

We feel that a healthy education begins with a healthy lifestyle. Not only will we be learning about how to live a healthy life, but we will also provide healthy and clean (no chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, organic when possible) snacks for all of our students. Students help us with our annual garden where we are able to grow and use our own fruits and vegetables when possible. We also understand that a healthy lifestyle includes a non-toxic environment. We use safe, clean products when keeping our school clean. You may even walk in one morning and smell an essential oil or two diffusing. 

Our center is open year-round, providing structured fun and still academically rich play during the summer months. Our school hours are 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Extended care is also available for those who need it. Check out our tuition page to see what schedule is the best fit for you! 

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At Fireflies, our teaching philosophy is rooted in a developmentally appropriate approach to learning.


We believe a classroom doesn’t have to have walls. Our program days emphasize outdoor learning through year round time outside.


Physical health includes what we eat, how we take care of our bodies and keeping our environment healthy. 

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